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About me and how I work

I am an Integrative counsellor and psychotherapist, which means I’m trained in a number of therapeutic approaches, including Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Attachment theory, Body and contemporary relational psychotherapy, and I can draw upon a combination of these different approaches to work with you.

I also offer EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) and am trained in CBT for Insomnia.

At the heart of what I do, is to look at patterns of how you've been living your life, patterns perhaps unconsciously embedded by your childhood and family background and how these patterns, and perhaps unconscious beliefs may be affecting how you live your life, how you work and how you relate to others.

Together, we can explore these patterns and you can become aware of links about how you relate to others, including me, as our relationship is an indicator you give to me about how you relate in the world.

This exploration, though sometimes challenging and difficult, can help you get to know yourself and open up choices you can make in order to lead a fuller, freer life.

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